It's THAT Time of Year Again

Yep, I mean the new fall tv season. I've checked out a few new things. I did not care for How I Met Your Mother or Threshold.

I did enjoy the premiere of Lost and the first two episodes of My Name is Earl. It was fun to see a friend of a friend guest starring on tonight's episode of Earl. I was also quite amused by the bumper sticker "Jesus is my airbag."

There is still a bunch of stuff on the Tivo waiting to be watched, but who has the time?


ren said...

see, we already know that we don't have the SAME tastes in entertainment but we do have CROSSOVER. i loved "threshold" (how excited am i to see a linguisitcs expert on tv? and played by peter dinklage with the beautiful voice! very very excited!), and i thought "how i met your mother" was cute enough sitcom fare. but i have no taste at all for "lost" and i think "earl" is fine but not any more special than anything else. but i think it's good to have all the choices. but you know where to find me on friday nights's all scifi with threshold and battlestar!

Jodi said...

Yeah...I just found Threshold to be boring and stupid. Peter Dinklage is great on it and that is definitely a positive of the show. I've still never watched BSG...Eric said I have to start with the pilot movie and then the first season, so if I get fired and have lots of time on my hands (I asked them to fire me yesterday, but they just won't!) then I'll catch up with the rest of the world!

TiggerLarue said...

Wooohooo!! Lost is back!!! That's all I had to say really....

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