Easy Come, Easy Go

Another weekend come and gone in the blink of an eye it seems. I'll give a brief rundown of my various adventures. I'm also in the process of uploading lots of new photos to Flickr, which may take me awhile to complete.

Thursday 9/15
  • My monthly geek-out at the Stereoscopic Club of Southern California meeting. I mostly go to help Eric with his 3D computer display equipment and to hang out with my friend Robin whose boyfriend is the president of the club. It's the only time outside of weddings or funerals that you will find me in a church.
  • Cagematch at Improv Olympic West. Our friend's team lost after winning four weeks in a row. It was fun anyway.
  • Dinner at the Nova Express Cafe on Fairfax. Cool, funky sci-fi and comic book decor and excellent food.

Friday 9/16:

  • Dentist. I don't have to have any work done. Hooray!
  • Trip to Swain's to purchase supplies for mounting some photos I'm displaying in an employee art show at work this week.
  • Mounted my 5 photos with lots of help from Eric and then rushed them to work to meet the submission deadline.
  • Late dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey. A bit of a drive, but Eric had to return a video camera to a friend there. Besides, they have nice outdoor seating right on the marina so it is my favorite branch of the chain to go to.
  • Stopped at the World Book and News 24-hour newsstand in Hollywood. It was just about 2am, so all of the obnoxious drunks were pouring out of the bars. Good times. We stopped to see a magazine Eric wanted to check out. I wasn't planning on making any purchases. I bought several magazines and he only got one.

Saturday, 9/17:

  • Woke up fairly early to clean the backyard, patio and house in preparation for a screening party that night.
  • While doing some laundry, the plumbing backed up into laundry basin.
  • Eric resolved the plumbing issue around 3pm, leaving us 4 hours total to get it together.
  • Somehow we managed to get everything prepared and had a barbecue and screening of Better Off Dead with 15 people, starting at 7pm.
  • One of the highlights of the evening (besides Ren's fabulous dark chocolate cupcakes!) was having our filmmaker friend Devi, who lives in Indiana, join us as she was in L.A. for a film festival.

Sunday, 9/18:


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