I *heart* Emo!

Last night was the next to the last Monday that Emo Philips will be performing at the Steve Allen Theater in L.A. He's been there since July and I've gone to a number of the shows. Eric and I have talked to him several times, so now he recognizes us as regulars and even let us give him requests for jokes for the last show. I couldn't think of anything except one about his mother going through his socks and underwear ("it tickled!") while Eric, of course, thought of the more intellectual French, existentialist seagull joke. That is one of my favorites too.

Having gotten various things signed at previous shows (photo, cd, t-shirt) I decided to get a photo with Emo this time. He even had a matching jacket for me to put on! And he told me to mess up my hair like his!

I'm going to miss my Monday nights with Emo. *sniff*


ren said...

ok, now that is an adorable picture of you.

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