I'm mildly obsessed with Japanese pop culture. I heard about this upscale, Japanese-style "convenience store" in West Hollywood and just had to check it out! It's called Famima!! and yes, the exclamation points seem to be part of the name.

Last night after seeing Emo Phillips perform his unique and hilarious comedy show and a bite to eat at Canter's Deli, we stopped in Famima!! It's open and bright and green and shiny and I really, really like it! You can see here what Famima's roll-out plan is for L.A. I was dismayed to find out I don't live in an area with high living standards.

I made a few purchases at the shop, including some Japanese candies, one of which came with a toy surprise I discovered this morning. I also got some fancy teas and a cleaning sponge. Besides basic food items, internet access, coffee, magazines in English and Japanese, you can get fancy chocolates, stationary items, and toiletries at Famima!! They even had black Q-tip type ear swabs. Now, I'm not quite sure why one would want these. Perhaps to see the ear wax better? Ew, no thanks.

Oh yeah, I also bought a dark chocolate candy bar called "Dagoba." Okay, that has to win me some points on the geek scale.


ren said...

oh, i have been meaning to go there. i read an article about it a few weeks ago. and dagoba chocolate is pretty good, if a little geeky.

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