The Shell in the Canyon

I spent a great deal of my long weekend at the Hollywood Bowl. Three nights in a row, three very different shows with very different crowds. All fun. All attended with different groups of good friends. I'm in the process of getting photos uploaded to my Flickr site, but that may take me awhile.

In brief:
  • Saturday, 9/3: John Williams conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The Hollywood Bowl seats just under 18,000 and it was sold out. Lots of light sabers appeared during the last part of the show which was dedicated to his Star Wars music. (We followed the Saturday night show with a midnight comedy show in Hollywood. 4 of our 6 friends that were at the Bowl joined us).
  • Sunday, 9/4: Brian Williams with Polyphonic Spree. Not sold out, so we moved down to better seats. I enjoyed the good time, hippie vibe of the Spree. Brian Wilson was really enjoyable too, performing many Beach Boys tunes, taking a break, then returning to perform Smile. He followed that with a few more Beach Boys songs. He has a great band and strong back-up singers which help him out a lot. The crowd was generally older than Friday night and we had a great view of a dancin' granny right in front of us!
  • Monday, 9/5: Louis XIV performed followed by a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Again, not sold out, so we moved to better seats. Many people in costume and armed with all of the props needed for audience participation during the film. Louis XIV was great...I'd been wanting to see them live and was quite pleased. Jane Wiedlin hosted the evening. She's a hoot!

It was nice to have a long weekend, but it went by too fast. I had my usual Sunday night insomnia/bad work dreams when I finally sleep Monday night instead, so I feel Monday-tired today. At least it's a short week.


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