Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Our seasons here in Southern California are not typical. Instead of the normal four, we have Rainy, Mudslide, Summer, and Fire. June is gloomy. For most of the year, this is a really nice change from the humid and cold climates I used to live in.

Unfortunately, Fire Season is upon us and there is a huge fire burning west of me. The air is thick, smoky, and pungent. I already have a bit of a cold and there is a likely chance the smoke will trigger my asthma. This is aside from the fact that people are having to evacuate their homes, not knowing whether they will be there when they return.

The smoke and fires do add brilliant colors to the sunset. I'm sure we'd all breathe a bit easier with just a regular old sunset though.

Heading west on the 101 Freeway.


Spencer Carnage said...

That beautiful sunset was because my hometown was on fire! How dare you exploit our misery for artistic reasons!

(just kidding.)

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