Low Budget Fun

This weekend's (includes Thursday night since I was off on Friday) activities included:
  • Pictures at an Exhibition at the Hollywood Bowl ($1 tickets)
  • Late night improv competition at Improv Olympic West (free)
  • Vaudeville show at the Steve Allen Theater (free since a friend was performing in the show)
  • Dinner at Simply Thai in Los Feliz with the lead performer, some of the musicians, and the director of the vaudeville show (not free)
  • Fantazius, an art, film, music, fashion, and poetry event at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown L.A. (free with the catch of running the projection system for the short films and poetry reading)
  • Pizza slices at Albano's on Melrose (not free)
  • Midnight comedy show at the Steve Allen Theater ($5 per ticket)
Lots of fun for not too much money. There are actually a lot of low-cost and free things to do in L.A. We mostly spent money on food, which wasn't that much. I ended up spending more at Target this evening when I ran in for a few items than I had on entertainment for two for the entire weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)

ren said...

sounds like a TIRING weekend. take a nap. i command it!

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