The Monday Ten From Ren

9/13/05 @ 1:00 am: I wrote these answers when it was actually still Monday. I was feeling really awful, thought my head was going to explode, so I went home early and saved this.

This week: It's all about you, baby!

1. How are you today?
Tired and headachy.

2. What would make your day better?
No work, a tall rum drink, no headache, a nap, and a good book.

3. Is there anything I can get you?

4. What would you like to do today?
I'd like to go see Emo Philips, so I will do that!

5. Let's say I'm making dinner for you. What would you like to have?
I could really go for a nice filet mignon with mashed potatoes and green beans.

6. How was traffic for you today?
It was great since I overslept and then slept some more. I was on the road at 10:15 instead of 7:00 and it was lovely. I'd planned on taking the subway today actually, but by 10:00 there is no more parking.

7. You get to watch whatever you want on tv tonight. What will you be watching? (assume you will be watching tv and not doing something else)
I don't even know what comes on tv on Monday nights. If I got to watch anything I wanted to, it would be my new Barenaked Ladies dvd that I got last week and haven't opened yet.

8. How's your CMYK and RGB? (heh)
They are both moist, thank you very much.

9. If we went to the movie tonight, what would YOU want to see?
I'm too tired tonight and already have plans, so let's wait until Friday and see Thumbsucker.

10. Well,l I asked BeaucoupKevin for one question: Miniature or regular golf? Show your work.
Miniature. I've tried 9-hole "real golf" with James and Eric. It was so boring...ugh! I suck at mini golf, but it's fun.


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