Hitting the Trails

I went on a hike tonight and it kicked my butt. I haven't been for a few weeks, but decided to go with six other women from work. We were chatting and trying to beat the impending darkness, so we really booked up the hill and up the hill and up the hill. Since I'd been snacking on sugar-loaded Japanese candy all day, I kind of hit an energy low a bit before leaving for Griffith Park.

Some of the girls were nervous because they saw a very large snake last week that was swollen from eating some poor woodland creature. It was pretty lethargic, but then this doofus came along and poked it with a stick and it got (understandably) very angry. There was much debate at work today as to whether anyone would even go.

We went and we didn't see any snakes, but there were a couple of snake trails across the dirt path that we spotted. A guy in the parking lot told us as we were setting out that he had seen a snake up near a particular water tower. I think it was getting cool enough and dark enough, it had gone to bed when we got up to that area.


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