What I Did At The End Of My Vacation

I did survive my First Day Back To Work. I rarely take 2 full weeks off, so it's a big deal. I have quite a bit of paid-time-off accrued, so maybe I'll make it a more frequent occurrence.

This past weekend was The Weekend Of My Notebook Computer Dying. Eric revived it, but it is still sputtering a bit. Quite a bit. Grumble, grumble. It is nice having live-in tech support.

I was going to do a post on Superbowl commercials I liked. It's the only part of "the big game" I watch. It seems too late and like lots of others have done so. I will give a shout-out to McDonald's though for their most excellent spot with the guy in a hamster costume!

I've gotten somewhat caught up on my photo challenges. I got behind this weekend. New topics for Monday and Tuesday (yesterday and today) have not been posted yet.

This past Saturday, we saw Howard Jones play at a ghetto casino in Gardena with Ren. It was a strange place. The showroom was fairly intimate with red half-circle booths like I've seen in Vegas showrooms on tv. There were bordello paintings on the walls and red twinkle lights as a back drop on the stage. Cheesy goodness.

Last night Eric and I saw a free screening of Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It really held up for me and in fact, I think I enjoyed it even more this time. Co-directors Nick Park and Steve Box did a Q&A afterwards, which was pretty informative and entertaining.

I ended my day today with a nap after work, followed by an art opening at Gallery 1988 for "Plush Week." All kinds of original plush dolls were on display. We ran in to a few friends and I snapped a photo of Roman Dirge, who was also hanging out. Yep, that's me. Stalker fangirl.

The night was topped off with some pizza slices at Albano's on Melrose. Not bad for the end of my time off.


madretz said...

I so hear you about grumbling b/c of computer issues. I'm in the middle of a photo issue on my blog and Jimmy's trying to troubleshoot for me but can't quite figure it out yet. Sigh.

Howard Jones! That'd be a fun show even in a janky casino.

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