Of Nerds And Geeks (and Dorks Too, Of Course)

Ren started it! All this talk and debate about nerds, geeks, and dorks. (Hey, what happened to dweebs? Did that ever get defined?) I typically refer to myself as a dork, occasionally a geek. I tend to not give myself any credit for being sort of smart, so I discount the nerd factor. Well, thanks to Brenda who found a test to determine this sort of labeling.

Here are my results:

Pure Nerd
69 % Nerd, 43% Geek, 43% Dork

Compared to others in my demographic:

I scored higher than 71% on nerdiness.
I scored higher than 60% on geekosity.
I scored higher than 78% on dork points.

I'd really hoped to be a Modern, Cool Nerd like Ren, Brenda, and Chris, but I know I'm not cool, do I'll live with my results.

Eric took the test and tested as an Outcast Genius, high on the geeky side, just as I figured.


K. Marie said...

I, too, am pure nerd -- 56%, very little dork, 'bout a quarter geek (but that's all my husband's influence).

I need to take it as him ... hehehe.

SJ said...

Hahaha - I'm apparently an Outcast Genius...

56 % Nerd, 52% Geek, 91% Dork

Nathan Hamill said...

Pure Geek
39 % Nerd, 52% Geek, 47% Dork

Your comment about James looking like Lovitz inspired another stupid photoshopped image.
Check it out.

ren said...

oh baby, you are about as cool as they come, you big dork. and besides, who wants to be like chris palmer? hehehe!

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