Those Who Can't Do, Teach

I remember being fairly clumsy my whole life. One of my earliest memories is tumbling down a big flight of stairs and then taking a ride in an ambulance to get Xrays. (I was fine). This is a trait that runs in my family, at least in my mother and sister. Another event I remember very clearly from childhood was my mother falling in our dining room and cracking a rib on one of the chairs. It knocked the wind out of her and she couldn't get up. There was no 911 then (or at least in the very small Virginia town where we lived). So, I called the woman who lived next door who promptly came over to help.

I frequently discover "mystery bruises" and have no recollection of how I got them. Other times, I clearly recall running into objects, tripping on something or, more often than not, falling with nothing at all causing it. Often my accidents can be chalked up to me not paying attention and/or rushing. However, there is the pure klutz factor at work as well.

My latest fall was this past Sunday. I was hurrying to get ready for an outing with a friend and slipped on some water that was outside of the shower in the bathroom. I fell hard, onto the tile floor, mostly on my left side. Eric wasn't home, but Rusty, one of my dogs, came running when he heard the commotion. I was fine, just shaken up a bit. The soreness began setting in yesterday afternoon. By the time I left work, I was hurting from my neck on down. My shoulders and ankles were particularly painful. I ended up staying home today to rest and feel much better.

It amuses Eric to no end that I, who can barely walk in a straight line, make a living teaching other people how to walk again. It does seem somewhat counterintuitive, but I haven't been fired yet.


Anonymous said...

First, glad you are ok.
Second, didn't know about mom/rib/chair thing...I do blame everything on Even Ariel asked where she gets it from since she is always falling. I fall down the stairs probably once a week or, or of course I fall up them..which Chad still can't figure out. So far have only broken a toe, I count myself lucky.

Jodi said...

Thanks. Yeah, I think you were really little when mom fell. I called Aileen as I didn't know what else to do! Oh yeah, I've fallen up stairs plenty of times myself. It's one of our special talents!

SJ said...

Glad you're ok. I have a habit of waking up during the night to find tiny cuts on my arms and legs. No idea how they get there.

K. Marie said...

Why do we laugh when people fall? That is always my first reaction. OK, only with adults -- not with kids. With kids, I have to stifle the urge to have a spontaneous stroke.

And Ian: those tiny cuts are from the teeny ropes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the visit and the comment. You have been duly blogrolled.

feverblue said...

...and I don't know why we laugh when people fall, though it comes under the humor category "Laughter of Superiority" perhaps (something I learned in Silent Comedy class.)

My coworker described an incident recently in which a man carrying his child on his shoulders in the rain slipped and fell. They both hit the pavement rather hard, but the kid was okay. It looked far worse than it was, apparently, and yes, he almost had a stroke of his own.

Yvett said...

I tend to fall a lot too. The only time I haven't fallen was when I was pregnant since I made a conscious choice to not be rushing all the time. Just last week I fell off my chair at work. I fell face first onto a partition and everyone thought I was playing. Sadly, I wasn't

Jodi said...

@Will: reminds me of a friend who fell while roller skating with her 5 year old niece on her shoulders. The niece was fine, my friend broke her tail bone!

@Yvett: oh my! That sounds so much like something I would do!

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