Happy Darwin Day!

Today is the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday.

I volunteered at the event held at the Center for Inquiry-West. Various people ranging from community members to scientists to authors to actors took turns reading The Origin of Species from cover to cover.

Dr. Peepers, a squirrel monkey, joins in the fun! More photos here.


Chris said...

Good for you!

Speaking of skeptics, James "The Amazing" Randi had heart bypass surgery this week and is still recovering.

I just saw on rec.humor.funny:
James Randi is in the hospital for heart surgery. Presumably, prayers and good thoughts are NOT requested. :-)

SJ said...

Darwin's birthday card - "you have been naturally selected to survive another year"... :)

Nathan Hamill said...

I know that monkey and he can't really read books.
Thoughts are another thing.

Yes, Jodi, the pictures are large, making the links overlap them. It's not your computer. It's my deluded sense of self importance.

Them pictures is big.

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