L.A. Woman

...or, My Pepto Bismal Bottle Exploded All Over Me This Morning.

I feel the need to post this photo for those of you who have not ventured onto my flickr site, my photoblog, or seen the link on Ren's blog. It's not a high quality snapshot even, it's quite blurry, but I do think I captured the essence of this Lady In Pink And Her Little Pink Dog Too.

Ren and I were having tea with some friends at the Chado Tea Room on 3rd Street this past Sunday as this vision in pepto-pink strolled by on the opposite side of the street.

Have I told you lately how much I love L.A.? I do, I truly do.


K. Marie said...

I feel I'm overdoing it if I step out of the house in stylish shoes.

Then again, I'm a midwesterner.

mipmup. said...

only here. seriously.

ren said...

so pink. so very, very pink.

Nathan Hamill said...

Coats my stomach and rips it out simultaneously.

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