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The past week has been a busy, hectic blur. I'm exhausted. I should be snoozing in my bed, but have been wanting to do at least a brief entry. I can not guarantee that it will be coherent at this point. Those who know me already understand that is often a problem I have anyway.

Last Wednesday night we saw Great Big Sea at the El Rey Theatre. It was a great show, probably the best one of the five we've attended. Apparently, Alan Doyle, one of the band members, agrees: "The show was probably our best ever in Los Angeles, a city that has shagged us more times than not. It's tough to sell tickets there and there are so many entertainment options that putting your stamp on the LA evening is a tough chore. I felt like we finally did it last night."

Being at such a fun show really made me miss our friend Bill, who is now living in New Zealand. He introduced to GBS several years ago and went to the other four shows with us. I got some decent photos that night, but have only managed to get one uploaded to my flickr site so far. Long ago, Eric staked out the perfect spot for me to stand at the El Rey and be guaranteed a view of the stage, since I'm so short.* I don't want to publish this kind of valuable information, but if anyone is in need of this tip in the future, feel free to contact me.

Another notable event of the week was the drive-in screening of Re-Animator that we participated in at our home away from home of late, the Steve Allen Theater. Eric coordinated the outdoor screening through his organization Hollywood MOBile MOVie. The film was also shown inside the theater and he was very involved in that aspect as well. In spite of a little rain, the drive-in was a smashing success. There were somewhere between 35 and 40 cars in the parking lot, seeing the movie projected on the wall of a building, and listening through their fm radios. Following the screening, director Stuart Gordon and actor Jeffrey Combs participated in a Q&A.

There were a few celebrity sightings this past week, nothing too spectacular, but kind of fun anyway. Jason Gray-Stanford, who plays Lt. Disher on Monk, was spotted at the Great Big Sea show. On Friday afternoon, Parker Stevenson was looking at a puppy with a couple of kids in a local pet store. After the screening Saturday night, Fred Armisen, a regular on Saturday Night Live, arrived at the theater to perform in the midnight show.

On a completely different note, Ami, my new little pet hamster, seems to be adjusting well to her new home. I finally got to do some shopping on Friday for a few more supplies that she needed. Two of my dogs are not so thrilled that some other little beastie is getting my attention though.

*I am very short (5 feet, 0 inches). The other day a 13 year-old dwarf said to me, "How come I'm almost as tall as you?"
How sad is that?


Chris said...

I was inspired by your husband's MOBile MOVie idea and I have just about everything to set one up myself, but I think I'm going to start a little smaller. As soon as the weather warms up, I'm going to have a neighborhood movie night and set up our digitial projector in the driveway and hang a screen across our garage door. If all of the neighbors don't mind (they're all invited), I'm going to set up speakers. If someone does mind, I'm going to use my FM transmitter and have everyone bring portable radios. I think everyone will be OK with it. We have a big neighborhood Halloween party and it's not uncommon for all of the kids to be out playing ghost in the graveyard or capture the flag tag at 11:00 at night, so they should be used to the noise (not to mention cul-de-sac fireworks on the 4th and New Year's Eve).

My wife wanted to know how Parker Stevenson is looking these days.

Jodi said...

@justJenn: Join the laughter!

@Chris: Cool! We did backyard screening every month this past summer on a big screen we have. Good times...ask Karen as she was there for several.

Parker Stevenson looks pretty bad, I'm afraid to say. My husband pointed him out and I had to go back and look and then confirm it online. It was definitely him, but he looked old, tired, and shaggy.

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