Everyone Else Is Doing It

Just because I want to be like the cool kids, I put my non-iPod mp3 player (okay, so I guess I lose a bunch of cool points right there!) on "shuffle" and these are the first 10 songs I got:
  • "Walk On" - U2
  • "Tango: Maureen" - Rent (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
  • "No Spill Blood" - Oingo Boingo
  • "In This World" - Moby
  • "World Party" - World Party
  • "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" - XTC
  • "Scotch and Chocolate" - Nickel Creek
  • "No Time" - Frente!
  • "Goin' Up" - Great Big Sea
  • "Love Is Driving Me Insane" - Stephen Duffy
I hope Ren isn't too disappointed by the lack of Xmas tunes. I'm not even sure I have very many among the 4,000+ songs on my player. Bah humbug! I'm disappointed that no Duran Duran popped up. Well, I certainly heard them plenty in the car this past week.

Eric and I listened to his mp3 player a lot on our recent road trip to and from Utah. It's funny how certain pairs or patterns seemed to crop up. Some days, it really seemed to be in a Peter Gabriel mood and played a lot of his songs. On the way home from Vegas, it was early Police. We also got some interesting pairings like a Todd Rundgren song followed by an XTC song he produced. Maybe we were just bored and reading way too much into the randomness!


Chris said...

Wow, I'm one of the cool kids now!

You've got me beat on eclectic. Have you checked out They have a music matching service where you enter a song or artist and it streams music that matches in style and feel based on the Music Genome Project. It's an interesting way to find new music.

We have really crappy radio stations here, so I never listen to music radio -- most of my listening is either based on word of mouth or playing around in iTunes or by streaming Internet radio stations. I listen to Indie 103 out of LA that way occasionally...

SJ said...

World Party! My god, there's a blast from the past! Ok, I have to dig my CD out!

ren said...

i can forgive the lack of christmas music when there is scotch and chocolate involved.

Jodi said...

@Chris-I was just hanging out with people from all over the country and the consensus is that radio sucks everywhere. Yes, we have Indie 103.1, thank goodness, but there are rumors everyday of it going Spanish. I haven't checked out that site, but will. Ren has given me a few too, but I usually just hear of stuff through the grapevine too. I don't search it out too much.

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