What A Girl Wants

Most of the time I'm quite satisfied with what I "have" in life. Right now though, I've really been craving a few new things.
  • A new car. I have my heart set on a blue, Scion xA. It'll cost around 14 grand, minus whatever trade-in I can get for my Jetta.
  • A new camera. Again, I know the model I want. The Sony DSC-H1. It has been on sale and/or had rebate offers I missed out on. I'm looking to drop $350-400 for it.
  • A new pet. No, I'm not getting rid of my dogs, but I really want to get a hamster. So many people have tried talking me out of this foolishness. I was never allowed to have any type of "rodent" as a child and for whatever imbecilic reason, I now want one. They are on sale at Petco for $8.99-19.99.
At this point, I think I'll do the wise thing and purchase none of the above. I think I should wait on the car until we get our tax refund and finish paying off Eric's student loan, which will be very soon. I do need to consider the impact of adding a hamster to a three dog household and if that will cause problems. My dogsitter has begged me not to get a cute, furry little rodent and will probably no longer feed my dogs if I do.

The camera...well, Valentine's Day and my anniversary are both in the near future, so...

We'll see. I have a full life and lots of pets and gadgets. My Jetta is currently running. I don't need anything else right now.*

*Except for a big bag of money. I'll take one of those.


Chris said...

You must be reading Cute Overload too much if you want a hamster :-)

My kids are pressuring me for another one. I don't like cute animals with short lifespans. Ours lived over two years and then served as a valuable object lesson on death...

ren said...

your dogsitter loooooves hamsters but fears that your dogs will also love a different, covered in bbq sauce kind of way. but i say get the car as soon as you can! and then take me out for drinks in it!

Joanne said...

I had hamsters growing up. They seem ever so cute and fuzzy and fun, but in reality they just hang out in their cages. We could put them in a ball and let them loose in the house and that was kind of fun for awhile. I once tried to let it run outside in the grass but the dog grabbed her. I quickly grabbed the dog so she was just shaken not stirred. :) The wheel is not fun. Not fun at all, and they love it. Especially at 2 AM. :) We never had any problems with our dogs though since the cage was up on a dresser the dogs didn't really bother with it. Although they were all smallish dogs so they couldn't really rear up on hind paws to bat a cage to the floor. That may be something to consider. :)

SJ said...

How do you price a hamster? On size? Or are there pedegree hamsters that make one more expensive than another?

Peeved Michelle said...

Since you like the Scion xA so much and you aren't in a hurry, you should wait until the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris are available. I think there might even be a couple more sub-compacts in the works for 2007 models. The sub-compact market is really opening up in the U.S.

Steve K. said...

Skip the hamster. They are actually quite mean. If you really want a rodent as a pet, get a rat. They are infinitely more friendly and much smarter. Why do you think they are so popular in labs?

Jodi said...

Thanks for everyone's opinions/advice regarding hamsters.

@Ian: not sure how the pricing works. There are different breeds, so that may be it.

@Michelle: I emailed you privately. Thanks again for the links. More food for thought is always good!

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