Halloween Recap

or How I Could Never Be A Street Walker...

Once again, I enjoyed a marathon Halloween. I read over last year's post to make sure I wouldn't be too repetitive, as some things are sort of tradition. As much as things stay the same though, it's always different.

In terms of costumes this year, Halloween was quite easy and economical. My department at work voted to do 101 Dalmations. A smaller group of us had done that 10 or 11 years ago and fortunately, I kept everything. For nighttime, E wore his Ro-Man costume from last year and I dressed up as the space girl that accompanied Ro-Man in the Dorkbake competition. Unfortunately, I've gained some weight since then and tore the dress a little putting it on. A quick sewing job took care of it, but I'd prefer to lose some pounds before wearing it again.

We didn't really have many trick-or-treaters this year. Of course, a group of greedy people only with babies did come by. I gave them candy, but wasn't happy about it. The fact that we didn't decorate this year might be one reason why the crowds were thinner.

Once the trick-or-treating had died down, we donned our costumes and made a couple of local stops before heading to West Hollywood. E had promised to show off his outfit to some friends. We then stopped by a house with an elaborate animatronic yard display put up by another friend.

The West Hollywood Carnaval was as wild as ever. Lots and lots of people. Tons of fantastic and creative costumes. We walked up and back along Santa Monica Boulevard for three hours. We were both hit on by men. No kidding. Damn were my feet killing me! I had on my silver platform boots, which nearly killed me after all that time. I resorted to taking them off at the end, stepping on pavement gingerly with my sore, raw feet. I ended up sitting on a curb in Beverly Hills while E walked the remaining few blocks to get the car. I don't know how hookers, trannies, and go-go dancers do it.

All in all, an enjoyable Halloween that has come and gone. The only disappointment is the fact that I did not take a single photo.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool evening apart from the sore feet.

Nanette said...

Happy belated Halloween!

ren said...

oh honey, don't sell yourself short! you could TOTALLY be a street walker!


Happy Halloween you Halloweenie!

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