My computer has been defragging for HOURS. If I can even get into it before the end of the day, I'll do a real post.


Anonymous said...

Are you using the windows defragger? Probably that's why it's taking so long. When the windows defragger is running you are essentially locked out of the computer.

Defrag regularly so that subsequent defrags will finish quickly. You can also look at automatic defraggers, which are an easy and convenient way to defrag while using the PC normally for your work. These defraggers run in the background, consuming barely any system resources, and defrag when there are sufficient free resources to do so safely, without disrupting your work. Better than manually defragging a drive or scheduling a defrag and being locked out of the PC for the duration.

Also run diskcleanup using Ccleaner before a defrag. Running chkdsk before a defrag is also highly recommended to ensure there are no disk errors.

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