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Michael: Children cannot lie, they are innocent and they speak the truth. Out of the mouths of babes, Michael Scott is freakin' cool.

I love kids. Other people's kids. I work with children and am quite often amused by them. I have a particularly animated and funny (all boys) group right now. One of them has taken to quoting Nacho Libre, which I've never even seen. A younger boy is now imitating the one who started it all, so we have a 9-year old and a 6-year old going around saying things like, "I believe in science!" and "Don't be judgin' me." There are a couple of teenagers who also get in on the act and yes, I guess you have to be there, but it gets silly and makes me giggle.

THE word of the past couple of days has been "whatevah," said with some sort of Brooklyn accent. I'm not sure where that one came from, but the One Who Is Six now greets me that way, complete with a dismissive hand wave. This afternoon he told me how for lunch he ate, "A whole chicken. Even the bones," while chuckling gleefully. I suggested that he might have also eaten the feathers, but that was too much and was deemed, "Ew."

Besides the Funny Ones, there is the Confused One who cannot ever remember my name. Each day, he runs through a list, "Lesley?" "Stephanie?" "Christina?" At some point, I cue him, "It starts with a J..." and he continues "Janie?", occasionally getting to "Jodi," but often not until I've given him the first sound, "Jo..." and then it's usually "Joanna" as the first guess. Yesterday , after a few tries, he grinned and said, "Oh, I know! Big Head! Yep, that's your name. Big Head." So, maybe he's not so mixed up after all. I mean, it's a fact that I do have a big baby head!


Nanette said...

This post was so funny that I had to read it aloud to Brent! :)

Anonymous said...

I work with little kids too and they constantly make me laugh with their mimickry and copy-catting of things they think are cool.
Give the vague one a rhyme way to remember your name.
Jodi "the roadie" for example ... Rock group roadie??? yeah?
I bet he'll remember that!

Chris said...

I remember as a teenager incorporated lots of quotes and catch-phrases into our conversations, but really only after we were old enough to see movies multiple times in theaters and then after the VCR became popular (now I feel old, we got one of the first home VCRs when I was 12 or 12 - a huge RCA VHS machine that cost around $700, movies were $80 a shot, and rentals were like $12 for 5 days and we had to drive to a rental store about 30 minutes away).

Now with cable, perpetual re-runs, VCRs, DVDs, and DVRs, kids (and adults) watch the same stuff over and over so much that I'm amazed at how much our family conversations consist of quotes and it becomes a game to appropriately quote something fairly obscure and see who laughs because they remember the quote.

"Don't you judge me" from My Name is Earl is a favorite, as is "I like ceeeereal", "Good news everyone!", "Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?", and "I'm a cowboy. Here's my horse" (the last one has completely ruined "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi (not that it wasn't already ruined for me).

ren said...

i am going to call you "big head" from now on.

no, no i am not.

maybe i am.

Anonymous said...


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