Blow Out That Cherry Bomb

So, we're winding down on the birthdays around here. We had a good time celebrating E's transition to the next decade this past weekend, in spite of me getting sick toward the end. We hit an artsy street fair in Burbank and chowed on some Hawaiian food Saturday afternoon. Then we went on the Neon Cruise, which was fabulous. At some point, I'll be posting photos, but I haven't downloaded them yet.

On Sunday, we got a later start than hoped, but enjoyed running around the Rose Bowl Flea Market for a couple of hours. E had a conversation with someone he had met 22 years ago and also picked up an old game from his childhood. I found a $3 pink dress for Cosette to wear when I get around to doing some photos for her 15th birthday, which is today.

After that, we ran a couple of errands then headed home to get gussied up for the Magic Castle. The night there was a lot fun as we celebrated with 10 of our friends. I'd heard the food has vastly improved since we'd eaten there before and it's true. Now, I've never eaten a fancy gourmet meal like Jenn and Nanette have, but I do appreciate a good filet mignon from time to time, which is what I ate. It was one of the most tender steaks I've ever eaten. We also had really good performers, so the evening ended with great entertainment following the fantastic meal.

Unfortunately, I'm still under the weather and will be heading back to bed now. I hope you, my loyal three readers, are all better than I feel.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can attest that the 40s are not that bad. I just got to 48 a few weeks ago. And 50 is starting to look pretty close.

Hope you feel better, and what's with this reduced snark? Some of us *like* snark.

Anonymous said...

hope you get to feeling better soon! you need to get ready for that craft show coming up!

Anonymous said...

I am reader number 3, whee!

Anonymous said...

actually, you have 4 readers--it's me "CK" glad you had a good time, hope you feel better soon

Nanette said...

5 readers, sucka!

ren said...

hey! your template changed!!! like...just now! groovy.

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