Crap Fair

Geez. The Tired Girl Collective's first real 'craft fair' experience could not be summed up as successful. Granted, I'm not too sure many of the vendors who participated in the Handmade For The Holidays show did gangbusters business. It was pretty pathetic. Several sellers didn't even show up today. We were optimistic that today would be much better than Black Friday. It was worse. Worse. Between the three of us, we did not even make the cost of the table back in sales. Eep. I don't think we were completely a wrong fit for the event, which though fairly well organized, suffered from timing, lack of promotion, and location.

All was not completely lost. The lovely Nina, who professes to really dislike crafts, stopped by to say hello anyway, along with her mom. I also got to meet a certain Ambitious Hamster's dad! That was a fun surprise. I also did have a couple of completely insane-for-hamsters customers.

I guess one of the benefits of not selling out of merchandise, as I'd hoped to, is that I already have prizes to send to my two contest winners: Nanette and Nicole! Not that it did anything to boost comments. In fact, I got fewer than on some other posts. Maybe I should not try to bribe folks!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that's a shame. My sister makes and sells Dolls and she sometimes does these type of fairs. Always frustrating if you can't cover costs. Most of the time, she does well, but from time to time you strike one that hasn't been well advertised or organised and everyone does badly. Maybe next time.

Brenda Griffith said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't go well. Did you guys do a mailing (email or otherwise)? That's my best way to ensure that I do well at a show even if the promoters fall down in the job of "promoting".

the slackmistress said...

I don't like knitted potholders (I'm sure someone is mad at me now) but your crafts rocked. There was some cool stuff but I wasn't really in a shopping mood - I wonder if it's 'cause T-giving was so early this year, the whole thing just snuck up on everyone?

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