Ho, Ho, Ho...No, No,No

Maybe since Christmas is promoted earlier and earlier each year, or so it seems, I get scroogier earlier each year. I'm not ready for the bombardment of ads and seeing the decorated tree and Santa setup at the mall. I'm still munching on candy corn, for crikey's sake!

I need to get it together a little though and at least pretend to feel festive. In a couple of weeks, the Tired Girl Collective will be participating in the Handmade For The Holidays Craft Fair. It's November 23rd and 24th at Fairfax High School. So, it's time to break out the hot glue because I've got a lot of hamster ball ornaments to make before then.

This should prove to be an interesting undertaking, as I'm currently reigning as The Laziest Person In The World.


ren said...

yeah, i am all christmas spirity because i've already been making christmas cards for weeks now and i really need to have most of my shopping done before thanksgiving due to the whole christmas cross country thing, you know, to make sure it all gets there.

that is why by december 5th, i will be done with holidays and ready to move on. and james will be demanding christmas trees and cookies and crap like that. it never works out.

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