A BALD Monkey?

We went to a 25th anniversary screening of E.T. tonight by 'The Academy'. The only big screen I'd ever seen it on was one at a drive-in back in '83 with my sister and grandmother. It holds up pretty well and the new print we watched looked great. I'd wager that 99% of the audience at least got a little misty by the end of the film, aside from those who were sniffling quite loudly. A Q&A followed and included several crew members as well as Dee Wallace and Henry Thomas, little Elliot all grown up.

I was a bit astonished that someone coming to the gorgeous theater we were in, complete with giant Oscar® statues at the front of the room, would bring a baby with them. A noisy baby. Security eventually kicked them out, thank goodness. Oh, and there of course was the couple of cell phones that went off during the movie. I guess it's now just part of the moving-going experience. Ugh.


Jen said...

Oh wow, that's so cool. E.T. is still one of my favorite movies. I would've loved to have been there, sans the crying baby, of course.

Ironically, Dane Cook made a funny E.T. reference last night when referring to someone who had gone pale with worry: "He was like E.T. in the river." Ha.

Anonymous said...

Wow I must be psychic mentioning ET and then you get to see the movie again. I always loved that movie. Cool.

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't go to the movies anymore. People are a-holes. And they usually sit next to me.

Caterpillar Girl said...

I own E.T. on DVD and made my step-kids watch it since they had no idea who E.T. was (blasphemy!)

I think the moviegoers should follow the person who brought the baby home, then munch loudly on popcorn and open candy boxes while the ignorant twit tries to sleep for an hour between feedings. Might make them think twice about imposing on others next time.

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