Count Me In

To make up for my recent slack in blogging, I've officially committed to NaBloPoMo. I unofficially participated last year, but in looking back over my November archive, I realized that I missed a day (Tuesday, November 28th), so I failed. Even though I posted twice a couple of days, that doesn't count.

Since October seems to have whizzed by, with me barely catching my breath between my birthday, which was 30 days ago, and today, Halloween, I have a lot of things I can potentially write about. Hopefully, I can pull it together and not just end up sending grainy cell phone photos to the blog every other day. I imagine that's cheating.

Wish me luck!


Nanette said...

Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

If all else fails ... a phote of a tote bag a day. Lol! or is that cheating too?

The Mad Doctor said...

Okay, I'll join you.

Also, in the shameless self promotion department, I am 39 today (for the first time.)


Anonymous said...

good luck! maybe i'll give it a try too. does blogging about what i had for dinner count??

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