Dog Tired

This photo pretty much represents how I'm feeling right now:


This is Rusty, crashing after our third mountain hike in two days.

I am happy it's October. It always starts out good, being that my birthday is on the first. I kind of wanted to do something similar to last year, meaning take in a movie at the Arclight and eat some chicken 'n waffles. Well, the latter part of the plan worked out and may just become my yearly birthday tradition. I can't really see eating like that more than once a year. Well, I can, but I shouldn't. It's been seven years since I had a big party for my birthday and probably even longer since I've had a smaller gathering, so maybe next year I'll do it up. Or wait a few years for THE BIG ONE.


I love autumn, pumpkins, candy corn, Halloween. It was lovely to see the leaves starting to turn this past weekend. It's going to be a very busy month involving family, cleaning, friends, music, film, art, volunteer work, and of course sweets and costumes. One thing I don't have to stress about is either of my costumes this year. We are doing something at work that we did about 10 years ago and I still have the key elements. E and I will be wearing costumes we devised for another occasion earlier this year. I'm just hoping mine still fits. I guess I'd better lay off the candy corn.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time had by all. Enjoy yourselves!

The Mad Doctor said...

OMG, I suck. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is November 1st and Fall definitely is my favorite season - people dress in costume in anticipation of my birthday ;-)

Wonderful Rusty pic.

Anonymous said...

I would expect nothing less from you than packing in 30 hours of activity into 24. Have a great October!

Anonymous said...

Yo, candy corn is fat free.

Scribe LA said...

Happy belated birthday!!

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