What do you people do on weekends? I do a lot of fun things, but clearly I'm missing something. E produced two fantastic events this weekend, one free and one a mere $10. While the turnout was okay, it was not at all what we had worked for or hoped to have. That being said, the events themselves went smoothly and those who did attend* gave positive feedback. I just can't help but wonder what really outstanding things I missed by being there to help him pull off a film fest and a drive-in movie.

I know it's tough in a city like Los Angeles to get people to pick one particular cool thing over another to do. There are a lot of choices. It's just a little disappointing to pour your heart, soul, and money into something that very few friends attend. Especially those who promise they'll be there and then don't show or call. There are a lot of excuses...I've heard them all...and some are actually valid. That's okay though. We always try to support friends and will continue to come to you screenings, plays, art openings, etc. No hard feelings. Just wonderment.

So, maybe there will be no 5th annual Short Screams Film Festival. Or maybe we'll take the advice of having naked women. Because nude chicks always pack the house, right? And the talking bunny isn't enough.

*Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who did show up! It is really appreciated and hopefully you had a great time!


Brenda Griffith said...


I read this post the day you put it up,a dn I felt so bad and wanted to comment right away... but couldn't think of anything that didn't sound lame. But now, four days later, if I come off as lame, so be it.

I am so sorry that the turnout was not what it should have been. Much of a hermit though I am, we would have come if we lived in LA (and not too far away--LA is big and the freeways are a mess).

Anyway, back to hugs, and everyone who said they'd come and then flaked had better show up DAMN QUICK with some chocolate!!!

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