To The Smashed Up Prelude Out Front:

What's the deal? You've been sitting there for at least four days now. Your rear end is precariously close to the end of my driveway, so there is the chance that it will end up in as bad of shape as the front. Not only is that pissing me off, but you've made it impossible for ME to street park in front of my own home, which is what I normally do. This happens from time to time and I'm okay with that, but you clearly have not been driven or moved in several days now. I'm also wondering where in the hell I'm going to put my garbage and recycling bins tonight since you're right in the way of that too.


All I can say is that I hope you stay there until Thursday and get a ticket during street cleaning hours. After that, if you're still hanging out, I'm going to be that obnoxious person who reports you and gets your ass towed.

Jodi (currently pretty hormonal and a bit grouchy, as if not obvious)

Update 04/08/08:
The car is gone!!! E said, "I guess your blog post worked." Ha!


Anonymous said...

Tow them, tow them. They obviously got up someone else's nose too!

Sizzle said...

Ohhh I hope they get towed! Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

You might want to call it in and have them check to see if it's stolen. That used to happen all the time when I lived in the city.

Anonymous said...

Show em who's boss Jodi! TOW EM! TOW EM! Good luck!

Peeved Michelle said...

When in doubt, call 311! That is how I found out about a certain service called "dead animal pick-up." Shelby had some run-ins

Peeved Michelle said...

...with some 'possums.

(Apparently, I just stopped typing in the middle of a sentence.)

Will Campbell said...

Stan's right. Call the cops and report it. Could be a GTA that the thieves dumped.

Vanessa said...

Maybe it was towed? Or maybe the owner finally remembered it?

madretz said...

ugh!!!!! i hate that. glad to hear that the offender is finally gone.
ABout a month or two ago, the neighbor's boyfriend parked his car completely blocking our drive way. He was skilled at perfectly placing his car directly where we drive in and out. He actually had to parallel park his car into the space. Another neighbor went to ask him to move, lo and behold, they weren't home. This was Friday at 4pm. They did not get back till Sunday morning. That damn car blocked our driveway for almost 2 whole days. I wanted to call to get it towed but Jimmy told me to RELAX. If we needed to get out (which we didn't) then we could call. Sometimes I hate that word Relax. The dude blocked our driveway for 2 days! I'm still not over it, can you tell??

Anonymous said...

My husband told me to be on the lookout for drivers of cars who do dumb things (like pull out in front of someone, turn at the wrong time). He said that you'll notice that there car is damaged in the exact same spot as the dumb thing that they did. Sure enough, we notice it all the time.

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