'C' Is For Catching Up

I know the one-line updates from my cell phone have been a lame excuse for posting. I've been busy. It's going to get even busier over the next few months, which isn't a bad thing. I'll spare you photos of our tax receipts, but here are a few of the other things that have been occupying my time:

Splash Dog

Tiny Pomeranian puppies:

Pom Pom Pups!

High weekend temperatures:

86 Degrees @ 7pm (In The Shade)

Little Guy cooling himself on the hearth:

Oh Yeah

James Callis and Bear McCreary @ The Roxy:

James CallisBear McCreary

Dessert with friends @ Milk:

MilkIce Cream Sandwich @ Milk

I also worked for ten hours this past Saturday and that shortened the weekend. On top of everything else, some of which I haven't even touched on, I have a relatively new intern working with me and that makes things a little more hectic during my days. I'm slowly trying to get around to seeing what all of you have been up to as well.


Sizzle said...

It was THAT hot there this weekend?

HOLY CRAP! I just sweated in sympathy.

Keely Van Brocklin Emery said...

That ice cream sandwich looks delicious! I'm salivating over here!

Nanette said...

GASP! You need to let me know about the next competitive dog-jumping event you attend! Brent LOVES watching those on TV!

Shayne said...

Do any of the pomeranians live with you now?

Jodi said...

@sizzle: It got up to around 100!

@keely: Yes, VERY delish!

@nanette: It was the Pet Expo in the O.C. I'll be going next April!

@shayne: Oh no! I have the legal and sane limit of 3. Ha ha! They keep me plenty busy.

Anonymous said...

Oh those doggies looks so incredibly cute ... but I think my cat would eat them. Rather like I'd like to do to that yummy looking dessert!
You gotta take time to breathe!

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