Hot Dog


Cool Bricks

*Pant* It's Hot! *Pant*

Oh Yeah

It was hot. Super hot. Well, Little Guy decided it would be much cooler to get on the brick hearth than stay on the carpet by the door.

And I thought he was kind of dumb. Maybe not.


Sizzle said...

Smart pup! The bricks would be the coolest place besides the bathroom tiled floor I am betting.

Anonymous said...

Yep...he's purdy smart. My cat likes to hide under chairs when he thinks that something that I'm carrying will fall on him. Animals are smart like that. =)

madretz said...

Great pics! They look like studio pics.

TiggerLarue said...

Kaycee would be out in the full sun, head turned up toward it and panting like crazy....Little Guy is a genius.

(Gabby, of course, would be sprawled out on her back in front of a fan or AC)

Anonymous said...


You've got to see this video...

I know you'll love it. Heck you probably made it.


Anonymous said...

Smart little cookie!

Jodi said...

@ashmystir: I have seen that video and sort of know the person who made it. Adorable, for sure!

Shayne said...

Little Guy is so cute and smiley!

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