Dear L.A.,

I love you. You have so much to offer and I've taken advantage of much of it in the past two days. In fact, I'm too exhausted to recap anything at this point. There is also more on tap, as my weekend is only half over. Hopefully, this will give me material for a big fat puffy post tomorrow.


P.S. For some of my NaBloPoMo entries, I've back timed them so I have a post every date. I'm often not able to write until close to or after midnight. E has always said, "If you haven't gone to bed yet, it's still today." I sort of buy that, so I'll keep the dates and times honest from now on. So, on some dates there will no posts and on others there will be more than one.


Anonymous said...

dear jodi,
thank you for taking full advantage of where you live and telling us all about it - it's awesome! just be sure to get some sleep in there somewhere. oh and take your vitamins.

madretz said...

i totally agree and i'd back time also if it's still, say, Wednesday in my head even tho the clock says 2am Thursday.

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