Dear Battlestar Galactica,

Welcome back! I've missed you, but it was worth the wait. True to form, you ended the "to be continued" episode on a cliffhanger. While I look forward to finding out the answers to many of your questions, I want to savor this, your last, season. So, take your time and do it right, please. Apparently, that's the plan as we're only getting half of the episodes to start with no confirmed time frame for the second part. Just don't keep us hanging for too long.

Thanks much and good hunting! I think it's gonna be a good ride.



Darlene said...

BSG was a great start and the first few minutes on the deck were a shocker. Looking forward to the new and last season.

Anonymous said...

i know you will get mad at me for this but - you really should try doctor who.

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