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I know there is a lot going on this weekend, but I'm spending my time getting ready for next weekend. I'll be up north in San Mateo for the 2008 Maker Faire. E and I participated in the first one last year, so I speak from experience when I tell you that it's a great time and worth the trip!

This year is a little different in that instead of E having two exhibits, at which I helped, and us having one shared exhibit, we each have our own! E will be displaying various 3D wonders at his booth, as well as a drive-in movie on Saturday night. I will hold workshops on making craft hamsters. I'm hoping they are as popular with the kids as they are with a friend's son.

We are both looking forward to this event, but have a lot to get done in the next few days before leaving for the Bay Area. If you make it to the faire, please come by and say hi and maybe even make a hamster!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with it all. I'd love to go one day. I bet the Hampster stuff is really popular.

Nanette said...

WOW! Have fun!

Shayne said...

Have fun! I know your hamsters will be a hit!

madretz said...

I'll definitely see you and make a hamster! Very cool. I donno how you do it, the hours say 10-10 on saturday! Didn't it end at 6p last year?

Brenda Griffith said...

Dave wants to know of you're making the hamsters out of circuit board, cyanoacrylate, pvc and moss--he's read a couple of my Craft magazines.

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