Just Cutting Back

I'm not quitting the internet and I'm not deleting my blog.


In spite of having those exact thoughts this weekend and instead of completely getting rid of something I really enjoy, I'm just going to strive for a bit more balance in my life. Sort of like Slackmistress, but different. One thing I am dropping is the April '08 version of NaBloPoMo. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I committed to doing it. I have a lot of prep work I need to be doing this month for upcoming events and daily blogging can not be a priority. (Hence, some of the crap I've substituted for actual content thus far this month). I will be continuing with the photo Project 365, where I take a photo every day and post it to flickr and my photoblog. And even though I stopped following a few folks and turned off all notifications, I'll be sending occasional tweets and catching up at Twitter from time to time.

I often complain that I don't have enough time to get things done and I don't understand how other people are so productive. If I take into account the hours spent reading blogs, etc. online, I actually do seem to have some free time. I have a full time career that, while rewarding, that is often physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Outside of work, I have some creative pursuits that often get the shaft when I'm so busy reading up on the latest exploits of strangers' kids and pets, or living vicariously through someone vacationing in faraway lands. It's not to say I won't be reading blogs anymore, but I am going to be more selective and self-limiting in the time I spend doing so. Wish me luck on that!

A couple of problems I have are obsessing on things and tending to see things as all-or-nothing. So, this leads to me thinking that if I'm going to be so involved in the internet, I'd better be doing so all the way. Read every blog I like (and comment), stay caught up (to the minute) on every one's lives through twitter, and regularly view (and comment on) photos on flickr. My gut reaction to remedy this issue is to just not do it AT ALL. Well, that is unrealistic and would honestly, make me very unhappy. My online presence may not be as consistent, but that probably just means I'm getting stuff done and will have good things to write about.

Speaking of scaling back some, I'm reminded of a recent conversation I had with my mother on how raising kids has changed:

Me: Well, yeah, times have changed. I mean, you smoked and drank when you were pregnant with me.

Mom: True, but the doctor said I didn't have to quit, just cut back. So that's what I did. I cut back to 5 cigarettes a day. And a glass of Cold Duck.


Anonymous said...

Busy is as busy does!
Do what you have to do Jodi.
For me blogging (and reading them) is part of my blob out relaxation and if it becomes a chore, I'll simply stop.
And, we all do have times in our lives when other things are more important. Also, we get sick of things easily, so that plays a part too.
When the mood strikes, it strikes.

Darlene said...

I'm there with you. I think most of us are suffering a bit of internet fatigue: blogging, twittering and the like. Real life is more important than the internet. Take care and I'm sure I'll see you in July! Happy picture taking!

Caveman said...

Do what you must.
I'll be here.

Enjoy yourself (for the both of us)

Anonymous said...

No way, man. You do so many real life things, I don't know how you handle it all. I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why you haven't been twittering. Sure, get me all into it and then quit... ;-)

Jodi said...

@amy: I didn't quit twitter completely. Just cut back there a bit too. : )

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