Linked On Boing Boing!

Yay! I never knew I had a goal of Boing Boing linking to me, but I'm very excited to have a link to my Comic-Con photo of Darth Vera on that site today! Check it out! I'm Link 2! (Thanks Cory!)

Well, sort of. A link to my stolen Darth Vera photo showed up on Boing Boing today. If you go to the Boing Boing story and click on "Link 2," there's the photo I took at Comic-con, but on desanders' flickr photostream. She even has it in a set entitled "Found (Stolen) Photos From The Net." What's up with that? Why not just 'favorite' it?

Darth Vera


SJ said...

Use The Mascara, Luke...

Chris said...

I'd love to get linked by Boing Boing - I've tried a few times, but they haven't picked it up :-(

Your picture has now been viewed 1120 times - wow!

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