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Neon Tour Transport

My outing on Friday night proved to be great fun. We went on a Neon Tour of downtown L.A. and a bit of Hollywood. You can take this tour through the Museum of Neon Art. We went with some friends who had arranged it as a private party, as he is friends with a tour guide. So, it was a bit "looser" than I imagine the actual one is...and a bit cheaper too! I stuck to water since I'd just been sick, but many of the tourists were pretty drunk by the end! Our tour was in an open top Routemaster double-decker bus. It was truly a great way to see the city. I took a bunch of photos, but I was pretty disappointed with most of them, as we kept moving most of the trip and a lot of them came out blurry.

I head back to work tomorrow and am a bit concerned about being rested up for it. Although I'm feeling a lot better, I'm still coughing and it gets worse at night and/or when I lie down. I have not been able to sleep. I've been finally falling asleep between 4 and 7 am for the past week. The problem is, I need to be awake by 6am tomorrow. I typically don't sleep well on Sunday nights anyway. Work anxiety insomnia, I guess. So, tomorrow is going to be a Monday for sure...I may be facing my 10 hours at work on little to no sleep.

Luckily, I'm only working two days and then heading to San Diego for Comic Con on Wednesday. Of course, I have lots to still do to prepare for that including laundry, cleaning the hamster's habitat, straightening the house for the friend who will be feeding my animals (and so the dogs have less stuff to chew up/pee on), making lots of buttons for Ren's table, prepping some stuff of my own, etc. I'm really looking forward to's always a blast! This year should prove to be interesting in brand new ways. Lots of friends from L.A. will be there, as well as some from San Francisco and Indiana. I also have the prospect of meeting a couple of folks who I only know from the blogosphere. Also, one of Eric's short films will be in the Comic Con International Independent Film Festival. It's only a minute long and screens at 6:50pm on Friday, so stop by if you are there.

I'd better get off the computer and get to work!


madretz said...

That neon tour looks awesome! I so wanna do that the next time I'm in LA.

Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well...and have to go to back to work.

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