All I Want

I just want to lie down and fall asleep. And stay asleep. And not cough. Ever. Again. Hey, even though I'm awake, I can still dream.

This is truly maddening and I am starting to have much more empathy for insomniacs than I could ever have before. I can not lie down without coughing. And I am exhausted. Night after night, I have been giving in to the codeine-enhanced cough syrup and eventually passing out.

I'd hoped tonight would be different and perhaps I'd sleep without medicinal aid. Sure, I figured I'd still be on the couch, mostly sitting up, but sleeping nonetheless. Not only am I awake and too out of it to do anything productive, but my body aches. I can't even seem to find a position to rest or read in comfortably.

Hopefully I've bored myself enough with this post that I can trick my body into falling into slumber before my lungs realize it and start retaliating. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* I do hope you are better soon.

ren said...

can you mix aleve type stuff (i think it's naproxin sodium or something like that) with your drugs? i read when i had the flu that it helps with coughing. worth a try anyway. keep the codeine for the fun of it though.

TiggerLarue said...

I feel your pain. When my allergies are bad I go thru that. Unfortunately my body appears to develop allergies quickly and I've managed to acquire (yet another) allergy to the codeine in the cough syrup. My coughing gets better, but I still can't sleep because I itch too bad from the rash that develops :0/


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Bird On A Line said...


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