Okay, now I finally feel like my vacation has started. Well, it did about 12 hours ago when I left work around 3pm. I headed over to Westwood to catch a couple of screenings at the L.A. Film Fest. Eric met me there and we saw Right At Your Door and Quinceanera, which are both movies that are set in Echo Park. The first film was absolutely terrifying and absolutely gave Rory Cochrane a reason to say "What's with today today?"

I now understand why Quinceanera was one of the darlings of this year's Sundance. I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh and cry. I guess E's assessment of it being a "chick flick" may be somewhat accurate, but besides it getting to me for some personal reasons, it was really well written and executed. I liked it so much better than the other chick flick we saw.

E was able to snag a pass for me to get into the "Red Room," a place for film fest pass holders to hang out, socialize, have some snacks, and drink liquor for free. I had one drink, which was more than enough considering I hadn't eaten much and was going to be driving later. To combat the effects of the alcohol, we got some food at East West Sandwich. Quite tasty with the added bonus of Boba World being located within the restaurant. A banana smoothie with boba hit the spot perfectly.

We'll spend much of this weekend in Westwood to wrap up the festival. At some point we will need to get our house and yard prepped for a barbecue and back yard screening we're doing on Monday of Superman and Superman II. Plans are to catch Superman Returns on Tuesday. E is hosting a drive-in screening of The Puffy Chair on Wednesday. If you're local, come on out! It should be a lot of fun. Later in the week, we'll be going to the Hollywood Bowl a couple of times, once for Belle & Sebastian (with The Shins!) and possibly definitely catching Hedwig at The Roxy.

There are a few more things on my plate, including some project deadline. Um, can I get a few more hours added on to each day? It would really help.


SJ said...

Belle & Sebastian? They're still around?

Jodi said...

justJENN: I'm not looking too forward to Superman II either, but I figure I'll have quite a few drinks in me by then.

Ian: Yep, they actually have a new album. I think I'm looking even more forward to the openers, The Shins, though.

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