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In lieu of not feeling up to writing something original, I'm going to do another cross post from my photo blog of this week's haiku for the one deep breath weekly challenge. The theme for this week was Ritual. Well, Ceremony and Ritual, but I just chose to go with the 'ritual' part.

Small World

Disney Thanksgiving
Families are far away
Friends fill in nicely
My image and haiku relate to a ritual my husband and I have participated in many times for the past 10 years or so. We live thousands of miles from our families and do not generally travel for Thanksgiving. So, we have a ritual of spending the day at Disneyland with several other "orphans." Sometimes there are as few as four of us, but we've had groups up to twelve. We had to make a trip to the East Coast last year and I really missed our tradition of getting in touch with our inner children for a day.


Bird On A Line said...

Pretty! :)

Yvett said...

That's a nice picture and a cute ritual.

K. Marie said...

hmmm, I like that line "friends fill in nicely"

Joanne said...

I love Disneyland during the holidays. That's a great picture. Did you take it? I always think Disneyland should cash in on the special shots and make post cards or something of them. For most people a good lighted shot of the Small World would be difficult.

Jodi said...

Thanks everyone. @Joanne: yes, I did take that photo.

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