Comic-Con Haiku

A typical scene at Comic-Con is artists sketching. And sketching some more. Some attendees request drawings, but I noticed a lot of people just fill the time sitting at their table with making more pretty pictures. Alas, I could not join in such activity while sitting at the Tired Girl table, so I decided to write some haiku instead. (Surprise!) Here's a sampling of some that aren't too mean.

From The Mezzanine
Dorks, geeks, nerds, and freaks
Come to Comic-Con each year
Some wear a costume

Um, Yeah
Sweaty, stinky geeks
Scary furries in costume
Pushing through the crowd

View From Above
Please make me a sketch
Can you give me stuff for free?
It's all about swag

Black Green Lantern
The black Green Lantern
The Jack in the Box Jedi
Yearly characters

I Still *Heart* This Guy
I *heart* Jason Ho
He likes to draw cool robots
They all look like him

A huge sock monkey
Sideshow Collectibles booth
View from our table

Star Wars
Hairy Chewbacca
A legion of Stormtroopers
Anime chicks too

Tired Girl Collective
Ren, Sherri, and me
Rockin' the girliest booth
Selling out at Con


Anonymous said...

Great Haikus!!!

SJ said...

Indeed, very good :)

Scribe LA said...

Neat photos. Thanks for sharing.

People mag is a nice guilty pleasure. I like InStyle, too. But at least People has some 'news' quality, right? Hard to argue that InStyle has any purpose except total entertainment - just the way I like it for my pgp :-)

Chris said...

Comic-Con missed for
another year. Maybe next
time I will attend.

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