One Day More

Ah yes, my regular "Friday" is just about here. Thursday is the end of a typical week for me since I work four 10-hour days and have actual Fridays off. Usually. This is the first week in awhile that I'm on my regular schedule and I'm quite happy to be looking at three days off.

Of course, I have tons of things planned for those days, starting Thursday night with a screening of Everyone Stares with a Q&A with Stewart and Miles Copeland. Also on tap for the weekend are two shows at the Hollywood Bowl and an all day and night event at the Mission Tiki Drive-In. And buttons...I've got to make some buttons.

(Oh, and somewhere in there I need to fit in laundry, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and reading my book club assignment!)

Coming Soon to Snarky Dork: Sex, Violence, and Hamsters
(or, how can I get Ami to clean my house?)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward the coming intrest is peaked. Have a great weekend. We have to go to a birthday part Saturday for our nephew Rex, who will be two...that means way too many hours with the inlaws lol

SJ said...

Couldn't you tie a cloth to the hamster and let it run around the house?

Joanne said...

If I can't convince the ferrets to use their little paws to do my dishes, I suspect you can't convince Ami to clean house. But if you can, you will truly earn the title Hamster Whisperer. :)

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