Breathe In, Breathe Out

At least today I can slow down and breathe. I'm not at work again until Tuesday. Well, I did bring a bit home to do this weekend, but it will be without the chaos of this week. Things spun out of control. We're in a situation of being understaffed. You add to that an excused bereavement absence and then mix in a few unexpected illnesses and increased workload. We'd be busy if we were fully staffed. We advanced to whirling dervishes whose energy was quickly sapped and whose morale was negatively impacted by some who would not only not pick up the ball, but who stepped out of the way, completely avoiding the ball all together.

Okay, I'll stop trying to be all metaphorical and stuff. Geez. Basically, the week sucked, but now I have a few days off. I do have a lot of stuff to do around my house, but I can do it while wearing no bra and my Napoleon Dynamite pajama pants.


K. Marie said...

I would like to petition for a national no-bra-and-pajama-pants-work-at-home day! Truly, how is a girl supposed to work under such confined conditions? On the other hand, I wouldn't want to see myself nor any other full-bosomed types bustling about the workplace sans suppport. Wireless telecommuniting: the wave of the feminine future! Who's with me?

(Hope your weekend brings a pocket of serenity.)

Anonymous said...

I hope your days off are relaxful and fun.

Scribe LA said...

Have a terrific, well-desrved break. And rock on with your bad self and your Napoleon Dynamite pajamas. I'm smiling just thinking about vacation and pajama pants.... but, of course, vacation in the sense of I'm on a beach and Jake is rubbing suntan lotion on my back. Whoops, I've got to get back to my script :-)

SJ said...

I love the phrase whirling dervishes. I gotta use that today :)

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