The Hills Are Alive

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This weeks prompt from the one deep breath haiku challenge is the sound of music. Music is definitely important to me, so I thought this would be a piece of cake. It's actually been a bit difficult as my mind has flown in a million directions. I have several haiku that I wrote, or started to write, but decided to just go with one that captures the essence of an aspect of music that I love.

Light go down, crowd roars
A magical night ensues
Music is best live

I love, love, love live music. When I can afford it, I go to a lot of shows. A few of my favorite concert photos follow below.

Ben Folds
Ben Folds at the El Rey Theatre, October 2004

U2 at the Staples Center, November 2005

Great Big Sea
Great Big Sea at the El Rey Theatre, February 2006

Tim Armstrong and John Doe
Tim Armstrong of Rancid and John Doe performing acoustically at the Steve Allen Theatre, January 2006


SJ said...

Cool pics! Do you use a lens or just get close to the stage?

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