Hot In The City

Damn, it's hot. Africa hot. For financial and conservation reasons, I'd really hoped to not turn on my air conditioner yet. I believe I held out until almost July last year. Well, I broke down today and did it. Once the temperature passed 90 in the house, I couldn't take it any more. The windows were open and the fans were blowing, but it just kept getting worse. The dogs were panting and the hamster was sleeping on his back, minus the usual nest he makes with his bedding. I honestly thought he was dead, so I woke him up (and then regretted not photographing the cute sleeping-on-his-back pose!)

We went to the Hollywood Bowl last night for our first of many summer nights there. Garrison Keillor performed his A Prairie Home Companion radio show with special guest stars Virginia Madsen, John C. Reilly, and Meryl Streep, who are all in the upcoming movie of the same name. It was fun, but not quite as good as his show last year. I would have preferred another skit or two (there was no Guy Noir) and one or two fewer bluegrass or Jesus songs. It was kind of fun, in an oh, so dorky way, to catch snippets of the show on KPCC today.


TiggerLarue said...

I love Prairie Home Companion! I just found out today that there was a movie coming up.

Nanette said...

Glad to hear you had fun at the Bowl performance!

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