Global Warming In Westwood

I mentioned the L.A. Film Festival a few days ago. It's in full swing right now and in spite of not getting myself a pass, like I did last year, I have been to Westwood a couple of times for the event. With E's pass, he got tickets to the opening night film, The Devil Wears Prada, and the party that followed. The movie was nothing special. The general story has been done so many times and it just seemed a bit odd to have a big, Hollywood chick flick open a festival which supposedly champions independent film. But, hey, what do I know? A lot of my girlie-girl co-workers will probably enjoy it, so I will recommend it to them.

The after party was okay, but not overly impressive either. The food was so-so, aside from some scrumptious bite-size fruit tarts they served. There was a lot of free booze flowing, but unfortunately, I'd come directly from work and was going to have to drive home. I decided to get one drink, but it was so strong, I threw it away after two sips. So, sorry Ren, no drunk dialing yet, but maybe I'll get you next week!

Today I got up bright and early and headed to Westwood in an attempt to get a ticket for the documentary who killed the electric car? It was sold out, so I had some time to kill before getting in the wait list line and proceeded to Starbucks for some air conditioning, caffeine, and reading time. Instead of one hour prior to the screening, as the box office had suggested, I went over to the wait list line two hours in advance. There were already 10 people in line, so that was a good call. Unfortunatley, it was 90 degrees already. The line was right in the sun with few prospects for shade anywhere nearby. At first I thought it was better than the frigid Park City weather we endure during the Sundance Film Festival, but then I remembered the shelter (heated tents) they provide for the people waiting in line. Not only that, but they are a far more organized fest with knowledgeable volunteers and a system for wait listing that works well.

So, after suffering the effects of global warming by excreting quarts of sweat and getting a sunburn on my face and arms, I did get in to see the movie. I think only about three people behind me got in, so I'm glad I lined up when I did. E got in with his pass and saved me a seat. The documentary was great and the kind of film I enjoy seeing. It's sad, maddening, and eye-opening. It is opening in NY and L.A. next week and hopefully wider after that. It's a great summer companion piece to An Inconvenient Truth. Oh, and a friend of mine is in it (I had no idea). Eddie "Crabman" Steeples is apparently a friend of hers too as E saw him hugging her before the show. I hope he enjoyed the movie too.

Following the movie, there was a "Green Day" festival next door. No, not the band (which I would not have minded at all!), but various vendors promoting a green lifestyle. There was a lot of information, as well as freebies, so I enjoyed it. I would like to be able to say that I live more of a green lifestyle than I do, but I can't. I have been trying to make small changes, the ones I can afford to do, but there is always more I could do to impact the planet.


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