Where Have All My Weekends Gone?

This past weekend flew by, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, like most of them do. And most of my weekends are three-dayers (I'm off on Fridays), except when I have to work on Saturday and then, well, it doesn't even feel like a weekend. A few highlights:
  • I finally got my non-iPod mp3 player cleaned up to make room for podcasts.
  • I met up with Ren for some lunch and conversation. I still need to get on what we discussed.
  • We had dinner with a couple of friends we hadn't seen in awhile, at a favorite restaurant we hadn't been to in awhile.
  • We went to a midnight comedy show and stayed after to put up our portable screen for a film event the next morning.
  • We attended the screening of Paradise Lost 2: Revelations Sunday morning at CFI West. They also showed a snippet of the first documentary, which I'd like to see in its entirety. There was also a Q&A with the Free The West Memphis 3 Support Group. Check out the website if you haven't heard about this story. I'm personally sickened by our supposed system of "justice." Ick.
  • We got dressed up for a good friend's 40th birthday party, which was held at The Hollywood Entertainment Museum, on the original Cheers set. The museum itself is kind of lame, which is probably why it's closing its doors at the end of the month. It was fun, but I regret not having a camera with me to get a shot of the cake that was shaped like two giant cupcakes. I know a couple of you would have appreciated it!


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