The Hamster Quilt

I work for a rather large organization and my department has around 100 people, many who are part-time. Out of all of those people, only four are male. So, we have a lot of weddings and babies and the oh-so-annoying really fun! showers that go along with them.

A long-standing tradition in my work area is that a quilt is made for anyone having their first baby. Squares of fabric are passed out to the people who want to participate and they are decorated in line with a particular theme, usually coinciding with the decor of the baby's room. Some talented person then takes all of these squares and makes them into a big quilt.

Being my snarky self, I noted aloud that it didn't seem fair to those of us who do not plan on having babies. I proposed that we get a quilt for pets instead. One of my co-workers made a joke about making me a hamster quilt and we laughed about it for a few days. It turns out she was serious.

This former co-worker of mine ended up resigning shortly after our conversation. She was only around for a couple more weeks, but sure enough, she made the quilt! She made it out of streamer paper and then added some decorations with fabric paint as some often do for the baby quilts. Here is the result:

Ami And His Quilt

Ami Checks Out His Quilt

Ami immediately nibbled on the quilt, which I figured he would do. I didn't let him eat any of the fabric paint though. I'm not sure he found it too appetizing, but he did take a few bites.

I know many people say they have no regrets in life. I do and I now have a new one. I really wish I'd spent more time with someone so fun and dorky that they'd make a quilt for my hamster! Luckily, she is local and we do plan to spend some time together soon.


Anonymous said...

Your plan doesn't seem fair to people who are planning to have no babies and no pets.

Shelina said...

wow, what a sweet little quilt!

Jodi said...

@Alissa: Well, maybe there could be quilts for new cars or something too. I was just joking...didn't think she'd actually make one!

@Jenn: Maybe it has to do with the people I know. If I liked them better, I'd not have to like hamsters to much.

Jodi said...

P.S. Just kidding on that last comment. Of course I like most of the people in my life, but I happen to like hamsters and dogs a lot too! :-)

ren said...

yeah, yeah. NOW you qualify that comment. sure, sure.

madretz said...

hehe, that's really cute!
I'll have to remember that when I get a new pet/car/coffee table since it's looking more like I'm always an aunt and never a mother.

Joanne said...

I think cute overload needs a pic of ami with the quilt. That's so cute I don't even know how to cope.

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