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Blogger and I have both been a bit under the weather this week. Things seem to be looking up though. I'm finally able to log in here and I'm also feeling a bit better.

The arrival of hot summer weather means time for cold treats. Some people, like justJenn, are talented enough to make their own. I'm not. Luckily, I've discovered a wonderful new snack called Blisscotti, which I can just buy. I'm actually not sure if they are in the store yet, but I got to sample a couple of flavors of the dark chocolate lined biscotti ice cream sandwiches. The mint chip and creamy coffee chip are excellent.

Eric put on a Hollywood MOBile MOVie drive-in event this past Wednesday night. It was pretty successful, especially for a week night. The feature film he showed was a documentary called OT: Our Town, which I really enjoyed. Check out E's website and sign up to receive notifications of future drive-ins in the Los Angeles area.

I'm currently watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. I've always liked those precious creatures that like to stand tall on their hind legs. Naturally, the show is a bit melodramatic, but the footage is great. Sean Astin's narration is actually fairly low-key and pleasant. For laughs, I've been enjoying the British comedy My Family. It's very funny with lots of snark.

I got to hang out with a good friend, who currently lives in New Zealand, last night. It was great to see him and interesting to hear what it's like to really live there. There are definitely aspects of it he likes, but in some ways he's come to appreciate the time and friends he had here in L.A. more than he did. I'd love to visit N.Z., but am not convinced I'd want to live there.

On the pet front, Cosette's arthritis is not bothering her nearly as much. I'm not sure if she'd just aggravated it or if the glucosamine/chondroitin tablets she's taking are really helping. I'm just glad she's not limping around in pain anymore. I expanded Ami's hamster habitat recently and he now has a second wheel, which is a little bigger and fits him better. He loves it and runs like a maniac in it every night. It's not nearly as quiet as the old one, even after some Vaseline, so I close it off when I go to bed.

I'm addicted to Tejava. I just drink it really cold and it is so good.

The Los Angeles Film Festival, which I've enjoyed for several years is coming up soon. But before that, on June 17th, we have Dogfest, an outdoor screening featuring dog-related short films, at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park. The event will benefit PAWS/LA. Rusty and I will be there, taking in the movies under the stars.


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