Rarely A Dull Moment

It's been a long, busy weekend for me. It started Thursday night and then I was off today because I have to work this coming Saturday. I've started to write about my weekend a couple of times, but was being too wordy.

In short, the past several days have included friends, s'mores, arts, music, crafts, annoyance, good food, comedy, creating, more music, more friends, classic cars, more comedy, some sleep (not enough of course), some organization and cleaning (also not enough), and a couple of unexpected celebrity sightings. I guess it hasn't been too different than a lot of my weekends, but it just seems like it has been exceptionally busy.

I'm finally taking a bit of a breather to update here, upload some photos and listen to some music I picked up almost two weeks ago. Currently playing and enjoying Panic! At The Disco's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. I still have laundry, reading, creating, and organizing ahead of me tonight.


Jodi said...

I just added a couple of links. I was surprised to see Miranda July and Joe Mantegna.

Joanne said...

S'mores! YUM!! :)

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