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I normally don't post things on this blog that I post on my other one. That site is primarily for the daily photo challenges I participate in. Recently, I started participating in a weekly haiku challenge as well. Since I post my poems with complimentary photos, I delegated them to the other blog.

This week's assignment taught me about a form of haiku I didn't know, called the Fib, which is essentially a 20-syllable haiku done in lines of 1/1/2/3/5/8. It was fun to try and I'm pleased with my first attempt, so I decided to post it here as well.

Taughannock Falls

Close to Ithaca
Become frozen in the winter


Jodi said...

Thanks Dianna. : )

madretz said...

That is so freaking cool!
You've got me scratching my chin...

Brenda Griffith said...

Wow! This is really great! I picked a good day to get back into reading and am going to share this one with my spouse. Well done!

Nanette said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

bravo and beautiful pic

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